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新生活スタート、かな? / Getting settled in?

We just moved in our new house last weekend. It has been so much activities going on around us for a month. We decided to buy this house, and sold the old house, then went to Japan to visit my family for weeks. Right after we came back from Japan, we had to start getting ready for moving. Today, eventually, I had one calm day with my daughter.


We have big windows up on the wall of our living room. I can see the sky anytime from inside house. These windows are facing to east, so you can see the sky changing colors in the morning. It is very interesting.


I love this big open space. It is so bright!


Having Breakfast.


Look down the entrance hall.



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There is a porch on the north side of the kitchen. I don't feel we are in the town. It feels we're in the woods by the lake. Very quiet. Nice Neighborhood.


I found grape vines in the bush. They look sturdy. Maybe, I will make lots of grape vine wreathes in the winter.


I put a comforter on the fence of the porch to dry and dust off. (It is very common to dry blankets and bed linens outside in Japan.) Nina played bubbles, and I removed pills from the old crochet blanket. This will take forever to finish.

おやつにアイスクリームを食べて。この1ヶ月を振り返ると、今日はなんて気持ちに余裕のある日なんでしょう。久しぶりにパンまで焼いてしまいました。 掃除をしたり料理をしたり、いつもの絵を壁にかけたりするうちに、家族の意識の中で、「新居」がだんだんと「マイホーム」に変わっていくのを日々感じています。とても幸せな感覚です。

We had some ice cream for snack. I haven't felt easy like this since we started packing for move. Today, I even had time to bake a loaf of bread! Cleaning the house, cooking everyday meals and hanging pictures which we used to have in the old house make me feel that this new place are getting to be our home day by day.  Very happy moments.


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